Monday, October 19, 2015

The Plan. . .

The strangely misnamed Planned Parenthood is mostly a plan to avoid parenthood.  The plan that is promoted by Planned Parenthood is the plan that prevents the conception of a child or disposes of a child conceived.  It is a strange name for an organization whose whole purpose is to prevent parenthood from happening -- but that is the point.  The real idea of Planned Parenthood is something that does not survive the light of day and it is whispered conversations caught by clandestine cameras or in shameful admissions by a flawed founder still glorified by those who have adopted the plan.

As Anthony Esolen put it:  I live in a country that gave birth to an organization conceived in lies and dedicated for the purpose of murder. It is called, with a wry irony that escapes us, “Planned Parenthood.” If you are a young woman and you go to “Planned Parenthood” and say, “I am with child, and I need help to bear it and to care for it, because its father and I are not married, and I am poor,” the people at “Planned Parenthood” will not assist you one bit. They will not give you food or clothing for the baby. They will not put you in touch with people who open their homes to unwed mothers. They at “Planned Parenthood” will do nothing for your parenthood at all. 

For the folks as Planned Parenthood, there is no joyous cry It's a boy!  It's a girl!  No, in this organization the only cry are the tears of those who find baby an inconvenience to their lifestyle and plans and who are willing to kill and dismember the fetus under the guise of planned parenthood as if children were an accessory to life to be chosen or discarded at will.  But as bad as it is that there are those who come through the doors of Planned Parenthood looking to find someone to take parenthood out of the plan, it is worse for those who refuse to acknowledge the gruesome and stark nature of the business Planned Parenthood is in.  Worse are those who claim a right is worth more protection than a child, a choice more valuable than a baby, and who cower behind the claim of women's health for something that is death to infants.

It is not that I do not hold the woman accountable for her role in choosing death over life but I hold even more accountable those who have made her choice seem laudable, virtuous, and even wise.  Such is the lie that makes evil good and good evil, sin righteous and righteousness sin.

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Carl Vehse said...

The leaders, members, and supporters (including politicians) of Planned Parenthood (die Endl√∂sung der Elternschaft) need to be brought to justice. See Prof. Jeffrey C. Tuomala's paper, “Nuremberg and the Crime of Abortion” (University of Toledo Law Review, Vol. 42 Winter 2011, p. 283-394).