Thursday, February 25, 2016

Choose as many as you want. . .

So a school in Brighton (Brighton College) has decided to abolish gender altogether and allow students to self-identify with the old Chicago election mantle -- vote early and vote often.  Whatever you may think you are at the moment, the self-admitted purpose of the Brighton College, according to its headmaster, is to make you happy...  I wish somebody would have told me that when I was laboring under the oppression of tests, papers, and rules (like mandatory chapel attendance)!

Education remains the area in which we exhibit the most far flung manifestations of our overall lunacy.  How odd it is a child's self-identity would be identified as the radical route to happiness, as though the natural world were designed so that the personal fulfillment of subjective feelings is the optimal path to the ultimate individual good.  How incredibly old-fashioned of St. Paul to have learned in all things to be content, whether in plenty or in want.  He must have been extremely clear in his gender definition in order to be so confidently content!  I guess the rest of us will have to muddle our way through the muddle of our mixed up gender identity (as felt in the moment) as a substitute for the will and purpose of God promised in His Word!


Recovering Lutheran said...

If I understand what our self-anointed intellectual betters in the media and academia are telling us:

1. Gender is a purely artificial social construction, or so we are ordered to believe.
2. The same folks also inform us that homosexuality is a fixed biological attraction to the same gender.
3. Therefore homosexuals have a fixed biological attraction to a purely artificial social construction.

Modern progressive thought in action!

Janis Williams said...

Great, Recovering Lutheran!

Also interesting that all is subject to the person under the thumb of media and academia changing according to the whim du jour. Having happiness dictate our gender (or a million other thing) is like trying to nail jello to the wall, or as we say in the South, "It's hard to keep that dog on the porch."