Saturday, May 14, 2016

I must rather watch. . .

From my day's work in Johann Gerhard's Loci: 

 Others describe implicit faith more briefly, that it believes the things which the church, that is, the Roman Church, and its head, the Roman pope, believe. For this reason Gregorius de Valentia (Analysis de eccles., p. 205) commends a merchant of Piacenza who reasoned in this way:
Thus I tell myself: that I prefer to embrace the Papist rather than the Lutheran religion especially for this reason, that in the former I can learn the truth from a brief summary, namely, if I say what the pope says; if I deny what the pope denies; again, if I agree with what he says. However, if I were to wish to be a Lutheran, I would have to learn the catechism, I would have to investigate Scripture, things I am indeed unable to do because I must rather watch Italian ships and investigate transmarine shipping.
[Gregory] Valentianus adds (p. 207): “God will bring nothing against this in the fearful judgment.”  

The Right Honorable Heath Curtis has hit upon a gem from the pen of a master! This ought to encourage your anticipation of the end of his translation work and the publishing of the whole treasure trove!

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