Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Some news. . .

The Supreme Court has acted (sort of) in the much anticipated case over coverage of contraceptives and religious exemptions under the Affordable Care Act.  You can read the opinion here.  For what it is worth, the Court really sent the dispute back to the respective Courts of Appeals in view of what it termed more information so the lower court may giver consideration to  "the substantial clarification and refinement in the positions of the parties" that came in response to that Court's own compromise proposal.  If you read her concurring opinion, Justice Sotomayor (joined by Ginsburg) is not completely satisfied by this, but willing to go along with it.  In the crunch, the SCOTUS essentially punted the ball instead of trying to proceed down the field.  While some are disappointed, I am hopeful that this means the issue (which will most certainly come back to the Court) will be decided when a full bench is seated.  Though it is possible that the parties may find agreement in a redone lower court ruling, I believe that this virtually guarantees that the Supreme Court will ultimately have to weigh in on the issue but such will not happen until next year's term at the earliest and therefore when the vacancy is filled.  Pray brothers and sisters that the seat is filled with a pro-life judge!


John Joseph Flanagan said...

The piece of legislation was rushed through by Obama and few Congressmen and Senators bothered to read or understand it, including Nancy Pelosi, the scatterbrained left coast liberal who famously said, "We have to pass it before we can read it." The architects of the ACA provided false information, downplayed the "intended" consequences, and were never held accountable for perpetrating this catastrophic fraud on the American people. While reforming health care, and even expanding Medicaid, would have solved the problems at a fraction of the billions spent, this route was nit taken..simply because Obama is an imperialist president, unwise, narcissistic, and impressed with his own sense of entitlement and power. I have known people whose health insurance premiums were raised to unaffordable levels, and their plans do not even pay a red cent until they spend thousands of dollars for medical care. These are working families, not rich people, and ineligible for government offsets. Some people have also lost full time employment because employers could no longer afford the health insurance premiums. This is what happens when a nation no longer has wise leaders, when corruption reigns, when evil is strong because good people do not contend for the truth.

Mabel said...

"Obama is an imperialist president, unwise, narcissistic, and impressed with his own sense of entitlement and power."
I am certain the Republicans will not nominate a candidate who matches any of the above characteristics. Nor does it appear that any Republicans have any interest in lowering health care premiums for working people.

The most practical way to make abortions unneeded is to provide better access to contraception and education. Western European countries have done this very well. Human nature being what it is, preachers wringing their hands and telling young people to practice abstinence has not proven to be very effective.