Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's make church music great again. . .

I know it has been around. . . but it is worth the additional attention this post might give it and worth your time to watch it. . .


John Joseph Flanagan said...

Excellent instructional video. The selection of church music for the worship service should reflect a thoughtful approach. Some contemporary Christian music used at services in some churches can be too loud, lyrically superficial, and not very reverential at all. But I will say that the prior LCMS church I attended as a resident in Tucson, AZ, and the current LCMS church I attend in Schenectady, NY have always selected wonderful music, normally from the Lutheran hymnal. The Arizona church added some contemporary Christian music to the more contemporary 11AM service geared toward younger Lutherans, but I know the church ministry members thoughtfully selected music with uplifting lyrics and nothing crazy. After all, Lutherans are not usually fans of the contemporary rock music imitations you find today in the Christian music market.

Anonymous said...

This was an interesting and very on-target comment from a film maker. He seems to understand more about true worship than many would-be theologians.

I would dispute, however, the idea that we should be composing new music for worship, at least for the most part. True, we may still have a Bach or Buxtehude in the current population, but they are exceedingly rare. I cannot think of any contemporary music I have ever heard that was truly suitable for worship. Fortunately, we are blessed with 2000 years of excellent Church music, and we should draw extensively from that deep well. Foolishly, we have chosen for the most part to abandon that deep well and draw from the shallow, muddy stream of current pop music.

Fr. D+

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