Friday, June 15, 2018

The most beautiful painting in the world. . .

Aldous Huxley once called it “the most beautiful painting in the world” but for most of it was a faded shadow of its self and many could not see in it what Huxley saw.  So on Easter last the world saw the unveiling of the newly restored painting and perhaps began to see what Huxley did.  “The Resurrection,” is a masterpiece by Piero della Francesca, considered one of the most important of the artists of the Renaissance period. Finally, this restoration allows us to see the the power of the Lord Jesus, emerging from the sepulcher at the hidden moment of the Resurrection, while the four soldiers guarding the tomb sleep oblivious to the most profound moment in history.

Dating somewhere between 1450 and 1463, the author has captured the contrast even in nature,  barren and dead on the left and, on the right, the trees have come back to life, like the future of redeemed mankind. Sin has been overcome, and the promise of salvation has been kept.  The soldier without a helmet is a self-portrait bt the artist, Piero della Francesca.  He was a devout believer who left a testimony of his faith in the historical event of Christ's Resurrection.,g_auto/ the restorer at work.  The transparency of the vivid colors used by the artist so profoundly affect Michelangelo that he chose this medium rather than oil for the Sistine Chapel ceiling.  It is said that the painting saved the town of Sansepolcro from artillery bombardments during World War II.  According to one account, British captain Anthony Clarke who had ordered the bombardment of the city rescinded the order after remembering Huxley and the most beautiful painting that resided there.

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