Friday, June 7, 2019

Strange but true. . .

You may have thought Planned Parenthood was a victim, a small operation facing off against the well financed and highly organized Pro-Life Movement.  Funny though, because in reality Planned Parenthood actually ranked 27 on Forbes magazine’s list of the 100 largest charities for year 2018 (total annual revenues of $1.46 billion).  The reality is just the opposite.  The Pro-Life movement is a hodgepodge of local organizations, mostly volunteers, without a centralized structure.  It is up against a "charitable" behemoth that has a government income stream, well placed media support, and a long list of celebrities to stand with them.  So, the next time it seems like women are living under threat from a giant male dominated and well financed threat, look behind the headlines.  In reality, it is a miracle the Pro-Life cause has survived, flourished, or found a way to threaten the Pro-Abortion lobby.

But there is one additional ally of the Pro-Abortion movement.  That is the appeal of the so-called right for bodily autonomy that has found an overlap between the choice people (and Planned Parenthood) and the GLBTQ lobby.  We apparently have a right to define ourselves, our gender, our sexuality, our reproductive freedom, and our desires.  It is not only that we have this right, but this is THE right above all rights, the one that goes to the heart and core of our lives and happiness.  I wish I were joking but I am not.  In a world filled with terrorist threat, violence upon our schools, poverty, hunger, lack of health care facilities and providers, the high cost of health care, and an aging population, the most central threat to women, according to Planned Parenthood and its minions, is any effort to curtail the unlimited freedom of bodily autonomy. 

Just something to upset you because that is all I can think of doing this morning.

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