Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Just for fun. . .

Widor's Toccata not on large pipe organs but on a reed organ. This reed organ does not respond like a pipe when this type of piece is played, but for all the limitations, it does work better than you would expect. This reed organ is a model called the 'Cathedral', manufactured by Doherty Organ and Piano Co. in Clinton, Ontario Canada in 1907. It was their largest model with wind provided with a hand operated lever pump. The organ was rescued from its decaying state, shipped back to Canada from a shed in Ireland, and rebuilt over 2 years. The restoration can be viewed at http://www.rodneyjantzi.com

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Rev. Paul McCain said...

Larry, you have a real knack for finding cool videos like this. Thank you, brother. God bless!

My colleague at CPH, Master Peter Reske said, "I'd rather hear it on a Cathedral organ." :)

Paul McCain