Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Blessed Eve of the New Year and Prayer for the Night

Thy little ones, dear Lord, are we,
And come Thy lowly bed to see;
Enlighten every soul and mind,
That we the way to Thee may find.

With songs we hasten Thee to greet,
And kiss the dust before Thy feet;
O bless├Ęd hour, O sweetest night,
That gave Thee birth, our soul’s delight.

O draw us wholly to Thee, Lord,
Do Thou to us Thy grace accord,
True faith and love to us impart,
That we may hold Thee in our heart.

Until at last we too proclaim
With all Thy saints, Thy glorious Name;
In paradise our songs renew,
And praise Thee as the angels do.

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Norman Teigen said...

Thank you for posting this beautiful Norwegian Christmas hymn. I learned the hymn in the original language amd I still remember the words.

Stanza 4 reminds the singer of the sad fact that Christ's iname is not heeded as it should be:
Jesus, alas! How can it be
So few bestow a thought on Thee
Or on the love, so won-drous great,
That drew Thee down to our estate?

From ELH 144 v. 4