Friday, December 30, 2011

New Minutes... from the MNS BoD

You can read it all here... more words, nothing new or positive... I could note somethings but nothing good. I would draw your attention to the conditions applied to ULC getting anything in the way of assistance from the District toward their relocation (note they still cannot take the organ or interior appointments!) and I could not skip this paragraph...

A motion was made and seconded to amend the motion to add: that in the spirit of 1
Corinthians 6 we ask President Harrison to assist the Minnesota South District and
University Lutheran Chapel to resolve this dispute in a God-pleasing manner.
The motion failed.

They did agree to ask for Reconcilers... but I guess this pretty well says what they think of Pres. Harrison... I am sorry for being so cynical but.. well, you know...


Anonymous said...

The Koinonia Project is off to a good start. Nothing changes. The beat goes on. They screwed the local church and they told Harrison to fly a kite. Sad, indeed that the Word of God is not followed and true charity and love do not prevail for God's Word and our Lutheran Confessions.

Anonymous said...

The history of the LCMS shows that
Districts resent Synodical Presidents
who interfere with their business.

Anonymous said...

So who supervises the DP's? Harrison? No. They are on their own to do what they please, apparently. There seems to be no doctrinal discipline, only administrative maneuvering.