Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is all about sex...

From the Huffington Post:

"The Salvation Army has a history of active discrimination against gays and lesbians. While you might think you're helping the hungry and homeless by dropping a few dollars in the bright red buckets, not everyone can share in the donations," Bil Browning notes on The Bilerico Project. "The organization also has a record of actively lobbying governments worldwide for anti-gay policies -- including an attempt to make consensual gay sex illegal."

From the Salvation Army:

"I appreciate the opportunity to correct the record when it does come up. In fact, the Salvation Army serves countless people across the country every day from any variety of backgrounds, including gays and lesbians. This number probably reaches into the thousands, though it is impossible for us to determine, primarily because we would simply never ask about a person's sexual identity."

From Me:

Ever since the Garden of Eden and the Fall, it has all been about sex.  Funny how the same folks who would decry religious tests of orthodoxy have their own test of orthodoxy and are not afraid of trying to bully those who disagree with them into compliance.

BTW... another paragraph from the Salvation Army:

"Because The Salvation Army is a church we do have theological positions on a variety of topics. These positions are intended for our church members or those who are interested in our church. Just as you wouldn't expect everyone you meet to share all your ideas or beliefs, we would never expect everyone we help, our donors, or even our non-church-member employees to necessarily agree with these theological positions."


Anonymous said...

Do not forget that the Salvation
Army is a religious denomination
with local parishes in the community.
Their charity work is based on
their denominational beliefs.

Janis Williams said...

And those denominational beliefs are to aid those in need.

The LCMS has local parishes in the community. Their charity work is based on their beliefs, too. Those beliefs are that we serve neighbor. If your/our neighbor is in need, it is not our place to judge if the need is worthy, or the person is worthy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janis

My daughter served as a counselor
for a Salvation Army Camp in Wisconsin for inner city kids.
She was in college and this was
a summer job. She was a LCMS
member of a church in Illinois. They
spent the whole summer trying to
convert her to becoming a Salvation
Army member and belittled her faith.

Anonymous said...

But the question remains... do they withhold help from people based on sexual preference? I have never heard it before. I have heard and would expect that in their preaching they would hold a specific point of view but not in their serving.

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Yet another Evangelical denomination bashes Lutherans. And the LCMS wants to use Willow Creek to become like them? Sadly, most people are unaware that the Salvation Army is a religious denomination. If they knew, would they be so eager to drop change in those red buckets. I know that I will never do so again. The LCMS recognizes Freemasonry as a distinct religious denomination. Does it also officially declare the Salvation Army as one?