Saturday, June 21, 2014

His strength made perfect in our weakness. . .

A bell tower thought to be the weakest part of Saint John's Lutheran Church in Pilger was all that remained of the structure after Monday's tornado ripped through the village.

"We were worried about the bell tower being the weak part of the church," said said Cal Wiechman of Pilger.

Some who attended the church during the 55-years it stood on what is now a concrete slab say they're amazed the the lonely structure stands.

"Holy cow look at what stays is the bell tower of the church," said Wiechman.

Wiechman, who's been going to Saint John's for more than 50 years, says it will be rebuilt in the same location, but that the church is about people rather than the building.

Saint John's will hold this Sunday's service at 9 a.m. at First Trinity Church in Altona.

The pastor had a meeting with other members of the congregation on Thursday to discuss the exact plans for a new church building and future church services.

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