Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Shelf Life of God. . .

Those of you who use Remembrance brand prepackaged communion cups complete with a tidbit of unleavened bread and 100% grace juice should be happy to find out that this has a one year shelf life.

It is not clear if this is the shelf life from the date of manufacture, from the moment of consecration, or for the reliquae after the distribution.  Though it is surely true that few if any churches that hold to the real presence would use such, well, ready to serve versions of Jesus, it could be very comforting for those who do to know that Jesus comes with a shelf life... one year... from, ah, well, a year.  And not a bad price either, on sale for $69.99 for a box of 480!  Why, it is truly a bargain!!

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Janis Williams said...

If it's Welch's, I doubt seriously the date applies to consecration or reliquae, two words most Protestants don't have in their vocabulary.