Monday, November 20, 2017

Muslim College buys Lutheran Seminary. . .

So the campus of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary has been sold to the old Muslim undergraduate institution in the US.  So you can expect the cross to disappear and the chapel to be stripped of all its Christian identifying marks.  But the strange thing is how the Cal Lutheran President is delighted that the property is going to another non-profit faith-based educational institution.  Hmmmm.  Does anyone else find that strange????

The hilltop campus of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary has been sold to Zaytuna College, a Muslim undergraduate institution.  The sale, which involves about 10.4 acres, was announced Friday by California Lutheran University, which took over Pacific Lutheran in 2014 in what has been variously described as a merger or a friendly acquisition. Pacific Lutheran had occupied the sprawling hilltop property at the top of Marin Avenue since it was founded in 1952. It relocated to downtown Berkeley this year, at 2000 Center St., Suite 200.  Zaytuna College, founded about a decade ago, is currently located at 2401 Le Conte Ave. in the “Holy Hill” neighborhood just north of the UC Berkeley campus.

“We are delighted that the property is going to another nonprofit, faith-based educational institution,” Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball said in the news release. “We are also pleased that Zaytuna is committed to preserving the campus and its buildings as neighbors had wanted.”  Pacific Lutheran’s announcement last year that it would move out raised fears among neighbors that the property would be sought by developers, possibly for a residential subdivision. A neighborhood group, Top of Marin Stewardship, formed, and in March sought landmark protection for parts of the property and some of its buildings, including two historic houses — the Dobbins House, now Sawyer Hall, and the Nash House, now Founders Hall; the Chapel of the Cross; the gardens surrounding the Dobbins House; and the decorative Spanish tiles with scenes from Don Quixote de la Mancha on outbuildings of the Nash House.  Some of the fears appeared to have been assuaged, for now.  “I’d describe the moods of the neighbors as elated,” Mardi Sicular-Mertens, vision chairwoman of Top of Marin Stewardship, said in a telephone interview Friday. “I got many emails saying, ‘This is exactly what we were hoping for.'”


Carl Vehse said...

One must remember that California Lufauxran University and its president are part of the XXXA and thus have absolutely nothing to do with Lutheranism.

And given the public statements of LCMS President Matthew Harrison and the CTCR, the XXXA would seem to have little to do with Christianity.

John Joseph Flanagan said...

I suppose some would consider a Muslim educational institution "faith based," however, things will change overnight when progressives eventually face reality and discover that Islam means "submission" not coexistence.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Peters wrote:

"....the Cal Lutheran President is delighted that the property is going to another non-profit faith-based educational institution."

Is a church, synagogue, temple or mosque a non-profit faith-based institution defined as a charity that exists to do good works for the community at-large? Does the Pacific Lutheran university president really believe that religious institutions function as social service agencies that happen to include a weekly worship service? Wow. Non-Muslims in the Berkely area will be waiting a very long time if they think they will be recipients of Muslim "good works." The Muslims quietly take care of their own, thank you very much.

Liberal Christian leaders stubbornly want to believe that Muslims and Christians pray to the same god. However, Muslims have no interest in watering down their belief system for the sake of unity with other religions. Christians are expected to submit during ecumenical dialogs - And they do. Muslims never give up anything. Submit or die is the Muslim way.

Why invite a religion hostile to Christianity to take root in this country? If Christian organizations cannot find Christian buyers for their church buildings, wouldn't it make more sense to convert the buildings to apartments or condos and either sell the property at a profit or lease it. As a landlord, the church could receive a steady stream of monthly income.

Anonymous said...

For once, Carl Vehse actually understated something, '... and thus have absolutely nothing to do with Lutheranism."

The truth is, these folks have nothing to do with Christ or Christianity. Shame on them, and shame on ELCA for allowing this to happen.


Carl Vehse said...

That's why they are referred to as the XXXA.

Joanne said...

There's an account circulating of a woman who sleeps with her pet snake. She learns that its strange behavior indicates it is planning to eat her. Sounds so much like an "urban myth," and it could be made into a delightful "just so" story.

I saw a parallel in the story between the odd relationship between Universalists (the permissive woman) and Islam (the voracious snake).

Carl Vehse said...

In his Vom Kriege wider die Türken (On war against the Turk), 1528, (WA 30 II, 107-148), Martin Luther wrote:

"See, then! He who consorts with the Turk [Muslim] must be partaker of this terrible abomination and brings down on his own head all the murder, all the blood that the Turk has shed, and all the lies and vices with which he has damaged Christ’s Kingdom and led souls astray. It is miserable enough if one is forced to be under this blood-dog and devil against his own will, and see and hear these abominations, and put up with them as the godly Lot had to do in Sodom, as St. Peter writes; it is not necessary to seek them of one’s own accord, or desire them."

Cliff said...

Muslims are slowly taking over and will soon eradicate Christianity if we do not wake up.

Carl Vehse said...

Christianity will not be eradicated by Muslims (or global warming or nuclear war for that matter), although many Christians in various countries, including in the U.S., have been slaughtered by Muslims.

And the islamoterrorist efforts are being given aid and comfort by organizations such as the Lufauxran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIaRS), which, along with its CEO Linda Hartke, is undergoing an external investigation for financial mismanagement, fraud, and harassment. Leaders of Lutheran church bodies who have financially and otherwise supported LIaRS, co-signed LIaRS's Refugee Sunday Letter, or served as an honorary co-chairman of a LIaRS bourbon-swilling gala need to be asked under oath, "What did you know, and when did you know it?"

Anonymous said...

In our LCMS circuit of 14 parishes, I have seen a Lutheran church
sold to the Baptists, another sold to the Pentecostals, and still one
more sold to the Episcopalians. This three LCMS parishes voted to
close after they became engaged in internal divisions over doctrinal
issues. They became legalistic on issues of adiaphoria.