Thursday, November 15, 2018

No room in the church. . .

Long ago it was said that the GLBTQ community was looking simply for a place in the churches.  Now it seems that this is no longer the aim of those so self-identified and their supporters.  In effect, they want to own the place and to be able to prevent those who disagree with them from having any place in the churches -- churches who only a generation or so ago uniformly stood together in opposing the normalization of GLBTQ relationships among those in pews or in pulpits.  This is the pace of change which has come with dizzying effect upon the faithful.  Even more than owning the place, the GLBTQ community is intent upon repudiating the Christian past which disagreed with their agenda.

But there is one Episcopal bishop who refuses to go with the flow.  The Rev. William Love, Bishop of Albany, NY, is the lone U.S. bishop refusing to comply with the new resolution of the Episcopal Church which insists that other bishops and priests will have jurisdiction to act in a diocese in which the current bishop opposes same sex marriage.  According to The Rev. Susan Russell, an activist for an inclusive church based in the Los Angeles diocese, Love not only stands alone but must be challenged.  Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said in a prepared statement Monday he's "assessing the implications" of Love's letter and will soon decide on "appropriate actions."  The Presiding Bishop insists that the Episcopal Church is "committed to the principle of full and equal access to, and inclusion in, the sacraments for all of the baptized children of God, including our LGBTQ siblings." Curry reminded those who might refuse this that these bishops have taken vows to obey church doctrine and must act in ways that uphold decisions of church.  What is either humorous or sad is the fact that the same obedience to church doctrine has notoriously failed to uphold orthodox Christian teaching with respect to the Trinity, the deity of Christ, and a host of other doctrines.  There is, apparently, room for disagreement in everything BUT the full acceptance and approval of the GLBTQ agenda.

That has not deterred Bishop Love who not only directed that no same sex marriages would take place in his diocese but labeled the GLBTQ agenda a cause for satanic division in the churches that "turns upside down over 2000 years of Church teaching" about marriage.

We will see how long he lasts.  My $$ are on the structures of the Episcopal Church to gut the bishop's power and enforce their stand for inclusivity for everyone but those who disagree with them. Will anyone take my bet???


Anonymous said...

The phrase "too little, too late" immediately comes to mind. I do not know how long Bp. Love has been in office, but the rot surely goes back much further. The ECUSA is a lost cause.


Anonymous said...

The same thing in happening in the ELCA. The GLBTQ crowd
is small in numbers but big in having their voice heard.

William Tighe said...

I would be more impressed by Bp. Love's stance were he not (as he is) a proponent and practitioner of the pretended ordination of women.

Anonymous said...

His fellow bishop responded:

LGBTQ people are God’s beloved, made in the image of God, and are our beloved neighbors, friends, clergy and lay leaders of The Episcopal Church... Our dedication to our LBGTQ siblings was exemplified this past summer when priests and laypeople from across our Diocese marched in Pride parades and participated in Pride festivities in Syracuse, Binghamton and elsewhere. As the Diocesan Bishop, I am resolute in my affirmation of equality, dignity, and full inclusion for all people regardless of their political, social, or theological views. We are, first and foremost, people committed to the loving, liberating, life-giving way of Jesus...I want to be clear that God loves you and has created you as a blessing in our world. Each of us is called to be our authentic self, for only then can we truly be the beloved community God intends.

It is the saddest drivel of all passing for a witness to the Gospel. Pity the Episcopal Church!

Anonymous said...


Do the churches that embrace homosexuality outnumber the churches that don't?

I wonder how many congregations Bishop Love could convince to leave the Episcopal Church. Yes, I know they could not keep their buildings. Perhaps the LCMS could have a program to catechize entire congregations while getting the priests into an EC priest to LCMS pastor colloquy program. They could then fill up the pews in LCMS congregations.