Saturday, November 24, 2018

Here! Here!

Having lately led my Bible study group through Hebrews, I again testify with wonder to the power of God's Word, to its timeliness for this moment, and to its profound wisdom even unto salvation.  But my journey through Hebrews was itself led by one of the per-eminent teachers of our day, the Rev. Dr. John Kleinig.  His mastery of the text and teaching skill is available to all through the commentary published not long ago by Concordia Publishing House and available here.  It is certainly not outside the appreciation of anyone in the pews even as it offers a more skilled reader deeper insights than you had ever imagined from the text.  I especially love the way he connected each section to a hymn from our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book.  My friend is one of the most trusted voices in a sea of people shouting for our attention; he is one worth your time and a great treasure of the faith for us all and not only for Australia, which is his home.  All of us would do well to pay heed to such teachers and their voices calling us to faith and faithfulness. 

If you wanted to walk with me through Hebrews, alas, it is too late and we have moved onto another topic.  But if you want to walk through Hebrews with Dr. Kleinig, you can do so.  Click here for all 27 YouTube videos and you can hear it from the mouth of the teacher himself.  The playlist is worth every minute of your time!  Just to make things easier, I have posted the first video here below.

And if you like what you hear, he applies his same skills to another book profound in its teaching but less well known to us, the book of Leviticus.  Truly knowing Leviticus opens up not only Good Friday but the Divine Service of Sunday morning to you in ways that will not only impress but strengthen you, your faith, and your life in Christ.  The whole series of 20 videos is available here as it was taught at Concordia Theological Seminary and the commentary from Concordia here.

Of course I would be remiss in not pointing you to the Flanuer Record and the good work of Gene Wilken who has made available a wide range of videos for the benefit of the faith and the faithful.  Good work, Gene!  Keep it up.  We count on you!

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