Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Media bias. . .

USA Today, the first result when you search for the march in Google News, began their story by saying, “more than a thousand anti-abortion activists, including many young people bundled up against the cold weather gripping the nation’s capital, gathered at a stage on the National Mall Friday for their annual march in the long-contentious debate over abortion.”

Media bias has been documented in a variety of ways but it is always worth pointing to one more rather egregious way that the media deliberate misstates the truth (what we ordinarily call a lie).  In nearly every year since the March for Life began, the count of those who marched for the cause has been minimized in order to promote their own bias for the pro-choice movement and to discourage support for the pro-life cause.  When the media is in support of something, they routinely exaggerate the size of those gathered in favor of the issue or cause and when the media does not support something they routinely diminish the numbers of the supporters of that issue or cause.  We all know that and yet nothing could be so obvious than to state the numbers of anti-abortion activists as more than a thousand when by every other estimate the numbers were more than 100,000!!!  In some years, when weather is kinder to a January march in Washington, DC, the numbers of well exceeded 500,000.  But that would give the whole pro-life movement more credibility and USA Today, among other media organizations fully in bed, so to speak, with the pro-choice movement, could hardly contribute to something which might give more legitimacy to the pro-life cause.  No, it could not.

Watch this video and see if there were more than a thousand or more than one hundred thousand!!!


Carl Vehse said...

The fifth-column leftist media have been have been lying traitors supporting murder by abortion for decades. It goes back to "Uncle Walter" if not earlier.

Carl Vehse said...

President Trump pointed out a recent example of the lying leftist media spreading their hate propaganda in this ariticle:

"President Trump: Covington Catholic Students ‘Treated Unfairly,’ ‘Smeared by Media’."

The National Review has also joined the fifth-column leftist media (ABCCBSCNNMSNBCNYTPBSWP):

"NRO Pushed Covington Hoax to Win ‘Approval of the Mainstream Media’."

Carl Vehse said...

"It's been a bad week for the mainstream press, first with the Michael Cohen hoax by BuzzFeed and now with the Covington Catholic fake news, where journalists claimed that Catholic students mocked a Native American. That turned out to be untrue. It's safe to say that the spectacle has ruined everyone's last remaining shred of hope that the media would stop being the Enemy of the People. Clearly, that is not going to happen. The bright spot on the horizon is that The Wrap is reporting that at least one of these terrible "journalists" has been fired:

Digital company INE Entertainment has fired a journalist who publicly wished for the death of several Covington Catholic High School students and their parents in a pair of tweets over the weekend."

Excerpted from the PJMedia article, "First Journalist Fired for Fake News and Threats Directed at Catholic MAGA Kids."

Cliff said...

The media and the large corporations are certainly the enemy of Christianity, and that seems like a formidable foe, but remember Gideon and his 300 men?

Anonymous said...

Pastor Peters wrote: "When the media is in support of something, they routinely exaggerate the size of those gathered in favor of the issue or cause and when the media does not support something they routinely diminish the numbers of the supporters of that issue or cause."

The majority is being manipulated into thinking that they are the minority. If the lamestream (mainstream) media executives are so confident in the effectiveness of their new reporting, then why are so many conservative voices being banned from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.....

In the same vein, I do hope that a church body such as the LCMS can be noticed as a viable refuge from both the liberal and the (now mainstream Evangelical) church growth movement deceptions.....


Carl Vehse said...

John Nolte writes: "We are only three weeks into 2019, a mere 22 days, and already the establishment media have hit us with four massive hoaxes, four flaming piles of fake news.

"Led primarily by CNN, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, NBC News, and the New York Times — the same media that have spent two years crybabying about being labeled fake news — have already run these cons on the American people with a full week still left in the first month of this new year....

"1. Media Lie About Conservatives Outraged Over Dancing Video
2. Media Spread Homophobic Conspiracy Theory About Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)
3. Media Lie About Trump Suborning Perjury
4. Media Launch Online Hate Crime Against Covington High School Kids"

Of course there's at least a fifth FakeNews put out this year by the Washington Compost, "The story of how Michael King Jr. became Martin Luther King Jr." That King's name came from the Reformer Martin Luther is nothing but FakeNews which is shown in the:
three pieces of evidence here;
fourth and fifth pieces of evidence here;
sixth piece of evidence here;
seventh piece of evidence here; and
here one piece of evidence of where the FakeNews might have come.

Carl Vehse said...

In describing the continuing leftist media hatefest against the Covington High School students at the March for Life, the National Sentinel is using the phrase, "journo-terrorism."