Monday, August 15, 2011

Another step closer to the Crystal Cathedral actually being a cathedral...

The [Roman Catholic] Diocese of Orange upped its previous bid and signaled openness to new negotiations for the Crystal Cathedral after board members recently announced that the building is no longer for sale.  The diocese announced on Aug. 10 that it submitted “a revised non-contingent offer” to purchase the  Crystal Cathedral for $53.6 million cash – instead of $50 million – and gave the current church ministry the option of a 50,000 square foot alternative worship space for up to 15 years.

Read it all in the Catholic News Service.


Anonymous said...

Wow, after paying out millions in the sex abuse scandals the diocese of Orange is actually thinking of buying the Wizard of Oz's temple?


Almost as amazing as bishop Tod Brown himself, who publicly humiliated a communicant at mass because she wanted to genuflect instead of stand before receiving Holy Communion.

What a dog and pony show.


Anonymous said...

The Schuller Family may have no
choice but to sell to the highest
bidder, depending on California
bankruptcy laws. The RCC of Orange
County said it would cost them
$100 million to build a NEW Cathedral
so $53 million is a real bargain
in this economy.