Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A comment from a Roman Catholic layman...

Catholic laity are treated like mushrooms
- kept in the dark and, every so often a load
of crap is dumped upon them!
This was sent to me by a Roman Catholic layman in response to my post about uninformed does not mean unintelligent.

I expect the first word in the caption might be exchanged for the church du jour and many laity might resonate with the sentiment expressed there. Though it is my hope and pray that this represents more humor than reality... And to those who feel otherwise, please do not deprive me of my pious illusions...

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Janis Williams said...

Sad to say, but worship is turned the other direction for most (that's overly-hopeful) evangelicals. I mean no sacrilege here, but the fundagelicals are treating Holy God like a mushroom.