Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scaring the enemies of modernism...

From Bad Vestments comes this photo of women united in their cause to bring the ordination of women to the Roman Catholic Church (a long shot if ever there was one).  Apparently if your theological arguments are not enough, you might be able to scare your opponents with these bizarre puppets and their hugely grotesque and out of proportion paper mache heads...  Who knows?  If it works, I just might employ them to try and get Lutherans to remember what they confessed and to worship in a manner consistent with that confession.


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, Pastor Peters, the puppets ain't nothing. You haven't seen anything until you've watched a bevy of "liturgical dancers" in front of an RC altar.

As for women priests being a long shot, with the dry up of vocations in the RC and the increased use of "lay ecclesial ministers" to run parishes, many of whom are female, plus female altar servers, it will be increasingly difficult to convince young Roman Catholic women that they cannot be priests. The "theological" arguments aren't working.

There are increasing instances of Roman Catholic "womenpriests" functioning in breakaway parishes, in denominations who make their buildings available to them, and on college campuses.

One of the more notable, of course, is "Spiritus Christi" in Rochester, NY. "Priestess" (or Mother, as I think they call her) Mary Ramerman looks divine in her chasuble.

Michael L. Anderson, M.D., Ph.D said...

I think these Vacation Bible School projects are really getting out of hand.


Rev. Allen Bergstrazer said...

Nothing says "take our movement seriously," like giant paper mache puppets.