Monday, October 17, 2011

From a St. Agatha's (though its location I do not know)

Just look at the stunningly beautiful painted walls and ceilings!


William Tighe said...

Portsmouth, England -- a former Church of England parish church that was acquired by the English province of the "Traditional Anglican Communion."

Terry Maher said...

Reminds me to some extent of the chapel where I served 6am Mass for years. It was largely spared the Kristallnacht of Vatican II architecturally, except for a marble "altar of sacrifice" stuck in front.

Just checked their website for fun -- in this Catholic hospital, "interdenominational" services are now listed first, then Masses which are only one on Sunday at 830 and daily at 430pm. Apparently the sisters do not get up to chant office before 6am conventual Mass anymore. Oh I forgot, there's hardly any sisters now.

Looks like St Agatha's had the better fate.

Anonymous said...


Here is a fascinating iconographer's website that includes photos of his work in the interior of Saint Seraphim's Cathedral Dallas (under the portfolio tab) plus his history as an iconographer - I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.