Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pastor Appreciation Month -- Have You Bought Your Pastor Cheetos Yet?

I am not much on Pastor Appreciation Month.  The local paper will sell picture ads to pay tribute to the local clergy and, since I am in the South, Baptists will predominate.  A Baptist friend talked to me about "homecoming" Sunday and asked what my parish did for this high and holy day.  I had not heard about it and so he filled me in that it was kind of a Pastor Appreciation Day.  In addition to the pot luck, he mentioned that he would reach into the pocket of his pulpit robe and find a wad of cash (nothing says thank you like money).  I reached into my alb for half a decade before realizing that there was no pocket -- only a slit that left me with access to my pant's pockets -- and second, that there was no cash.  Once I did get a Campbell's Soup label meant for the Bethesda box and another time I got an old piece of Eclipse gum (peppermint, I believe).

I do not need any more coffee mugs.  I do not need another Bible (ooooh that does not sound good).  I do not need another subscription to Charisma magazine.  I do not need another CD of Marty Haugen's favorite hymns (of his own composing).  I do not need another set of Joel Osteen's biggest selling books.  I do not need another free Big Mac (I hesitated before saying that one).  What I need and what I desire is every member in Church and Bible Study every Sunday (something I know I will never get but, a guy can ask, can't he?).

A Lutheran Pastor with the unlikely name of Voltattorni in a blog named We Are Beggars has spoken well of Pastor Appreciation Month and some of the same sentiments are listed there.  So before you buy me something (except Cheetos which are always appropriate), you might read his blog.  So click on the link above and have at it...


Anonymous said...

We need to appreciate our pastors
all 12 months of the year. This can
be done by providing them with an
adequate salary as they faithfully
teach and preach God's Word and
administer the Sacraments. There is
no excuse for a parish to get by on
the cheap when it comes to paying
their pastor. District salary
guidelines are not meant to be the
minimum but a starting point to
honestly reward years of experience.

Pastors are servants of Christ and
we should treat them as those who
labor in God's Kingdom.

GC said...

Perhaps October should be third commandment month? And then we could make January 5th commandment month and March 6th commandment month.

The other 11 months of the year, we feel free to despise preaching and His word (or murder, etc.). :)


Marke said...

I appreciate you, Pastor. Some subjects that you blog about are more interesting and inspiring to me than others, but it's always the first thing I look at in the morning. Even before the Drudge Report!