Friday, October 14, 2011

Tim Tebow and Christophobia

George Wiegel has written well of the turmoil Tebow and his Christianity has caused and I cannot add one word to it... Read it all here. or here at First Things.

Let me simply quote his final paragraphs here:

It is simply unimaginable that any prominent Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh quarterback, should such a fantasy of anthropology exist, would be subjected to the vileness that is publicly dumped on Tim Tebow. Tolerance, that supreme virtue of the culture of radical relativism, does not extend to evangelical Christians, it seems. And if it does not extend to evangelicals who unapologetically proclaim their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior and who live their commitment to the dignity of human life from conception and natural death, it will not extend to Catholics who make that same profession of faith and that same moral commitment. Whatever we think of Tim Tebow’s theology of salvation, Tim Tebow and serious Catholics are both fated to be targets of the Christophobes.

Wherever the Gospel is proclaimed with fervor, it draws opposition. The ultimate source of that opposition is the Evil One, but we know what his fate will be. What we don’t know is how democracy can survive widespread, radical Christophobia.

As I have often said, the only legitimate bigotry, censorship, and persecution left is that which is applied to Christians who take seriously their Christianity.  One more proof is the story of Tim Tebow and his treatment in the media.  Whether or not he is a great quarterback, I will leave to others.  Whether or not he is a great Christian, I will leave to God.  But as for the treatment one can expect when your Christianity is something more than a deeply private, personal, and hidden feeling, well, you know what to expect.  It is shameless.  Not unexpected, not unpredictable, but still shameless.

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