Saturday, December 8, 2012

10 Wives Tales or Myths About Church Growth...

It was sent to me by several internet sleuths and I have seen it noted on the blogs of others.  I pass on the whole article in a form for printing.  Read it.  Pass it around.  It is not shocking but common sense so often lacking when it comes to "growing churches."  I would encourage congregations struggling with this to read this and do some serious thinking.  It is definitely worth your while.  Read it all HERE.

For those who won't read it, the ten points are listed below.

1. If You’re Not Growing, Something’s Wrong
2. The More You Grow, the Healthier You Are
3. Contemporary Music Will Save Your Church
4. Church Growth Can Be Manufactured
5. If Your Church Grows, Your Leader Is “Anointed”
6. If Your Church Doesn’t Grow, It’s a Problem with the Leader
7. Good Preaching Is the Answer to Growing Your Church
8. You Will Retain a Large Percentage of Your Visitors on Special Days
9. The More Programs You Offer, the More Your Church Will Grow
10. If You Build It, They Will Come

The author is Brian Orme, who is the Editor of Outreach Magazine,, and He works with creative and innovative people to discover the best resources, trends and practices to equip the church to lead better every day.  I don't know much about the guy but his ten myths about church growth are spot on!

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Tracy's Living Cookbook said...

Great list and a good reminder for us church workers!