Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Lutheran Radio Resource. . .

As you ought to know by now, Lutheran Radio UK, the ELCE’s round-the-clock English-language Lutheran radio station, has been running for quite a few months. If you haven’t, have a listen on the website, through an internet radio, or on your portable device (e.g. via TuneIn Radio).  

The church cantatas of Bach are one of the most extraordinary artistic achievements in the history of Western culture. For several years, Bach produced a cantata a fortnight, or more, for the churches of Leipzig, beside all his other duties.

The music is outstanding, the theology profound and thoroughly Lutheran. What better way could there be to spend 15 minutes on a Sunday?

All the recordings come from the award-winning and most outstanding cycle of complete Bach cantatas by Bach Collegium Japan directed by Masaaki Suzuki.

Find out more by visiting the programme page.  It is 24/7 and as close as the Internet.  Listen here.

I look forward to your company some time this Sunday!

P.S. If you want to buy the BCJ recordings, I can recommend eClassical, who sell them as high-quality downloads at a very reasonable rate.

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Tapani Simojoki said...

Thanks for the plug! If you get a chance to listen, I'd love to get your feedback as well. I'm a radio novice and it's a new programme, so I'm sure we could improve in all sorts of ways. Drop a line to!

I think LRUK's manager would like me to add as a clarification that LRUK is not in any way affiliated with, or modelled on LPR (as any listener will be able to tell very quickly!). I know you didn't mean to say it was.

Pax et bonum!