Friday, December 14, 2012

Apple Siri... fails

From Terry Mattingly:

Occupy Advent 2012 (Let’s ask Siri)

The first question was simple: “Siri, when is Christmas?”
After the two-tone “BEED-EEP” chime, the voice of the Apple iPhone responded: “Christmas is on Tuesday, December 25, 2012. I hope I have the day off.”
Then matters got complicated: “When is Advent?”
Siri searched her memory and said: “I didn’t find any events about ‘Ed Fant.’ “
Trying again: “When is the Advent season?”
Siri cheerfully responded: “I am not aware of any events about ‘advent season.’ “
After several more “BEED-EEP” chimes the Apple cloud ultimately drew a blank when asked, “When does the Christmas season end?” Alas, Siri didn’t understand the term “Christmas season.”

TMatt has it right -- it is no wonder the rest of the people are in the dark about this as well!

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