Friday, November 29, 2013

You attach the punch line... A little post Thanksgiving humor for Black Friday

Hey, did you see that picture of Francis I posted on facebook?

Ooooh, sorry about that, it was the spicy chili for lunch.

Really? I like you, too.  We need to have lunch sometime.

Wow, have you ever ridden in the Pope's old Fiat?  Thought I was gonna die.

Gee, I just love these pointy hats we wear -- especially in gold!  Don't you?

There was this priest, this Lutheran Pastor, and this Methodist minister, see....

Ugh, I had the runs so I did like Moses, took the two tablets and headed for the hills.

I had no idea I was going to be pope for a day, and today, too!

Did you hear that alto in the choir -- ouch, wrong note!

You too?  My favorite hymn is also "A Mighty Fortress."

Eh, that Luther.  Crazy theology but the kind of guy you want to have a beer with, ya know!

So, did we make a mistake with Francis?  I knew it should have been Mahoney!

I don't know about Latin but I love Klingon.  Why can't we do mass in Klingon?

For Christmas I want one of those laser points from Sharper Image -- drives the altar boys crazy during mass.

I forgot my password to Amazon and had to order it on your account.  Okay?

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Mark Beitz said...

Or ... maybe they saw this ...

Thanks for blogging all year! It is a pleasure to read your posts daily-

Mark Beitz