Sunday, November 17, 2013

From U2charist to Dylan Service?

I actually feel terrible for passing these on but at the same time, the once noble Episcopal Church is no more.  As much affection as I had for her in her prime, it does not stop me from spreading the story of how far she has fallen -- if only as a witness to those still heading toward apostasy but not quite there yet....


Janis Williams said...

Truly vomit-worthy.

And we wonder why our young people want newer music; did you notice the average age of the "rockin" band?

Dr.D said...

The Episcopal Church is leading the charge in apostasy from the Christian faith. They believe in nothing in particular (other than Gaia), and will fall for anything.

They have truly been given much - in this case, a fine church building, a magnificent organ, a talented choir and other musicians. But to put them into the service of Dylan, to worship Dylan (I'm sure that they would say that they did not), is simply evil. The reckoning will be severe, and the anguish great!

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest