Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finns Resign Over Gay Issues

I am impressed that so many responded to this action by the Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Finland but I am not a little skeptical that the motive may also be reducing their tax burden since resigning releases them from the church tax imposed upon members... but I will give them the benefit of the nod.

As many as 7,800 people have resigned from the Lutheran Church in Finland since the parliament approved a law legalizing same-sex marriages on Friday, which was backed by Kari Mäkinen, the Archbishop of Turku and Finland.

Mäkinen reportedly said that he was "rejoiced" by the passage of the law, YLE News reported on Sunday.  "I know how much this day means for rainbow people, their loved ones and many others. I rejoice with my whole heart for them and with them," the Archbishop said. "We are in the same situation as our neighboring Nordic churches: our concept of marriage needs a fundamental examination. Speaking for myself, I think it is time for reconsideration."

His comments have sparked mass resignations in the church over the weekend, however. The resignations were tracked via an online service meant to ease the resignation process.  Over 78 percent of Finland's population is officially registered to the Lutheran Church. The implications of the resignations are that the people who left will no longer pay church taxes, which is the main source of revenue for the church.

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