Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What do the Confessions say about worship?

Worship is a hot topic among Lutherans.  We have Evangelical wannabes.  We have those who want to be Anglican Divines.  We have prima dona pastors.  We have lay folks who want their time in the spotlight.  We have every point of view that can be had.  But what binds us are the words of our Confessions.

You can read it for yourself or you can listen to a wonderful presentation of what Lutherans believe, confess, and teach about worship. . .

Thanks be to God for Issues, Etc. and, particularly, for this presentation.


It will open the eyes of many on what Lutherans have obligated themselves to say and do and what personal preference means to all of this -- both from clergy and lay!!

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Janis Williams said...

Every Lutheran should be required to listen to it! I have played it over and over. God continue to bless Issues, Etc!