Thursday, December 1, 2016

If you are concerned about Purdue's Lutheran Campus Ministry. . .

Dear Friends, 

I have adapted and revised my original post again to reflect the Indiana District's offer of information and answers as well as some additional information from people involved in Lutheran campus ministry throughout the IN District.  I hope that this revision will help clear some of the air, although I can well understand it may be some time before the hearts of those so invested in the building will be able to put to rest their concerns entirely.  Nevertheless, the District President reached out to me in good faith and I wanted to give his words a chance to balance out the information provided me from various sources from those to whom the University Lutheran Church in West Lafayette is so beloved.  Please read it and address your future concerns directly to Pres. May.

Read it here. . .           Email Pres. May here. . .

In Christ,
Pastor Peters +

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