Thursday, June 8, 2017


with your video instructor Dr. Frederick Hohman

Are you, or do you know, a pianist who currently leads music in worship with the piano, and who wants to make a successful transition to playing the organ?

Frederick Hohman, Pro Organo’s founder, was commissioned in 2016 by the American Guild of Organists to author and present a series of 30 instructional videos.  The aim of this series, which covers four hours of organ instruction on a variety of topics, is to help pianists who have achieved a moderate level of proficiency to make a successful transition to playing the organ.
Please see the list of 30 video lessons below.  Clicking on the image or the topic will take you directly to the corresponding video lesson at YouTube.  Although the videos are arranged in a sequence from #1 through #30, there are occasions where one may wish to view just one or two video lessons on a specific topic, or there may be cases where lessons might be viewed in sequences different from those in the numbered series scheme.
We hope that these videos are beneficial to you or to someone you know who desires to achieve success as an organist.  These videos have been produced by the American Guild of Organist’s CCPE (Committee on Continuing Professional Education), with the supervision of Dr. Sharon Hettinger, who served as producer of the series, and Dr. Don Cook, the AGO’s National Councillor for Education. If you find these videos to be of value, and if you do not already hold an AGO (American Guild of Organists) membership, please consider joining America’s premiere organization whereby organists, active in a wide variety of religious and academic institutions, are united by their similar vocation and mission of supplying fine organ music.
Frederick Hohman presently does not hold a faculty position at any university, but he is available throughout each year as a visiting masterclass leader and clinician. You may contact Frederick through the CONTACT US form on this website.


Anonymous said...

The number of available Church organists has been dropping for years, and this is a positive step to enable some folks to move from piano to organ. In the parish where I serve, we have a concert pianist trying to play organ, and it is rough going. I have forwarded this material to her, in the hope that it will facilitate the transition. Thank you.


Portwenn59 said...

About two years ago I was asked to play the organ at my church. I considered myself the average Sunday School pianist. I'm retired so I have plenty of time to practice and living only two blocks from the church helps. Concordia Theological Seminary has several organist workshops in the summer - beginner and intermediate. Kantor Hildebrandt also has Youtube videos. These videos are also on the LCMS website. I attended the beginner last summer. It was a week long and quite helpful. However, because of my age learning to play the pedals is daunting! The flexibility needed in your ankles is substantial and best learned when one is younger!

Over the course of two years I've become more proficient at playing. However, getting my so-called '10,000 hours' in to be a master will probably never happen.:)


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