Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Holy Asparagus, Batman!

Apparently, asparagus is so venerated in Worcester that it deserves its own special ceremony of blessing in the city's cathedral.  It seems that the rite of blessing is not without its critics.  Some have called the thanksgiving service "absurb" and "infantile" and "bizzare."  The Sunday evensong service was fiercely defended by the cathedral's Precentor, who insisted the vegetable was "a sign of the abundant provision and generosity of God" and consistent with the first fruits harvest blessings used for other crops, in particular wheat.  Some Christian groups objected not simply to the blessing but to the asparagus costumed man who was accompanied by a man in knight costume, its holy protector. so to speak.

I did like the cope but I was not so impressed with the asparagus costume and the knight did not look all the real.  But the spears of asparagus themselves did, indeed, look tasty!

But seriously this highlights the whole problem with modern, liberal Christianity.  It is long on symbolism and short on doctrine and the problem with the symbolism is that it draws attention to nearly everything and anything but Christ and Him crucified.  Would that people got so upset for the cause of preaching the Gospel!  As I noted before, it may be illegal to speak the KJV when it addresses the exclusivity of salvation in Christ alone but it is thoroughly legal to bless the holy asparagus spear.  Houston (or should I say Worcester), we have a problem.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have to say that the CoE is no longer Christian to any noticeable degree. Goofiness has replaced theology, and they have all become clowns. They are an embarrassment!!

Fr. D+

John Joseph Flanagan said...

I suppose such foolishness cannot be stopped. Even educated people can behave stupidly. It points out the immaturity of some Christian clergy.