Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you having fun yet?

I am thinking about giving up fun for Lent.  I really do not know why we spend so much time, energy, and money on having fun.  Half the time we are not even sure we are having fun when we are doing something.  It is only later that we begin to figure out that what we were doing was fun and we would like to do it again.  Other times we are sure we having the most fun we have ever had but when asked if we want to do it again, we are not so sure.  I mean, how much trouble is it to figure out if you are having fun or not?!

Then there is the problem of once you have had fun, you want to have fun all the time and life is not capable of constant fun -- sometimes you have to work to pay the bills, take out the garbage, wash the dirty clothes, clean the toilets, etc... So what misery do you make for yourself if you have found out what it is like to have fun and then have to go back to doing those things which are not fun?  Wouldn't it be better if you had no fun at all than to while away all those hours doing things you do not like while thinking of all the things you could be doing that would be fun?

I was really thinking that it would be a healthy thing to give up fun for Lent and lower the expectations and pressure on life in general.  That is until I was reminded me that we are Lutheran and Lutherans are fairly dull and boring people and about the most fun we have is going to work, taking out the trash, and cleaning up the table after supper.  Yes, indeed.  I am glad I am a Lutheran.  It takes away a great deal of the pressure that other denominations put upon you.  Just about the worst thing in the world is when I tasted lobster and wanted to eat it all the time.  My parents told me I knew better than to think that.  They were right.  If you grab a little bit of fun now and then, well, okay.  But just don't get used to it.  Let it go.  Go back to what you are supposed to do and be -- before too much of this fun business causes irreparable trouble in your life.

I hope that this has caused you to smile.  But don't get carried away.  Wipe that smile off your face before somebody sees you and think you frivolous -- one of those people who don't take life seriously.   Jeepers, that would be bad.  So look around you right now, close this browser window, and get back to your work.  Make it as difficult as you can as penance for any moment of pleasure you might have had smiling about this... before you thought better and went back to your ordinary blank look or scowl.


Steve said...

snark snark snark snark; there, how's that>:{

Anonymous said... not wearing a clerical
collar seven days a week. having a sense of humor and
not taking yourself too seriously. allowing the laity of your
parish to see that you are human. knowing that the Lord is in
control of your life and you do not
have to worry about anything.

Tapani Simojoki said...

You know, Anonymous, it would be grand if you could introduce yourself. It's good to be critical, but it's easier to be taken seriously if one doesn't hide behind anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! You're giving up wine???? (for fun, not the Sacfament)

Unless Lutherans are so serious they think consuming alcohol is work!

Too funny! Hope you didn't bite your tongue while it was in your cheek!

Rev. Kevin Jennings said...

If we had fun all the time, then fun would become the new work. Then, we'd have to find something new and different for fun - like work, maybe?

I love to play to golf, but I'd hate to think that would become my job - it wouldn't be fun anymore. Besides, my scores would mean I'd live in the poor house all the time.

Fun is what you make it. Last week I changed out a radiator in one of our cars. While it was happening, it wasn't much fun. Afterward, in reflection, it was a blast - because it was there!

This week, my fun time will be replacing our water heater.

Anonymous said...

How did you know I read your blog at work?