Friday, January 27, 2012

For more than 175 years....

Having spent a fair chunk of my life in Fort Wayne (5 years and countless visits), I was sad to have missed this tribute to the parish on its 175th anniversary.  I did not recall the devastating fire and was surprised -- you would not know it from seeing the building today.  I believe that during the American Bicentennial celebration one of the TV networks (Ray Scherer ?) filmed a service from St. Pauls.  If I recall, there was a huge stack of silver individual cup trays on the altar and it made it seem like a silver missile was arising from the mensa.  If I recall they had an old tub of a pipe organ (Bennett or Austin rebuild of a Bennett) that was done during wartime shortages and it led to sagging pipes.  I am sure that both the tin silo of individual trays and old pipework have been redone -- a testament to the vitality and steadfast character of a congregation that, if I recall, well predates the LCMS itself.

I missed the date of the anniversary but did get the video (HT to Christopher Gillespie for passing this on). Oh, well, enough of my reminiscences and you can watch the video yourself:


Anonymous said...

The golden years of St. Paul were
during the pastorate of Rev. Edwin
Nerger. He was the Winston Churchill
of LCMS preachers in the pulpit.

Peter Gregory said...

Well, you haven't missed the 175th anniversary yet! The official date is October 14. Leading up to that, there are two other Sundays with guest preachers: District President Daniel May two weeks ago (Jan 15) and Seminary President Larry Rast on May 20. Then, on Oct 14, there will be a single communion service at which President Harrison will be preaching, followed that day by a congregational dinner.

We give thanks to our Lord for his faithfulness to our congregation and ask for His blessing at this time and in the years to come.

Rev. Peter Gregory
Associate Pastor, St. Paul's

Anonymous said...

The LCMS grade schools continue to be the most effective way to bring new families into the church. I would love to see the LCMS push to reinvigorate the schools, as well as to plant new ones. God bless St. Paul's Lutheran school!