Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once again Pr. Esget has mined a one in a million...

Pr. Esget at Esgetology has found some of the oddest and weirdest things you can find and this one is no different...  Tis the season when you have an I-Pad Christmas Eve at a Lutheran Missouri Synod Church in Texas (everything they do there is bigger and better than everywhere else).... You watch... and pray...


Anonymous said...

I asked my 14 year old what he thought. He said it was better to just close your eyes and listen. We actually like this version of Carol of the Bells, (as well as Johnny Winter's Frankenstein), but neither are appropriate to church.

I hope this presentation was not during a service. It just makes people uncomfortable. It isn't reverent. It even makes a 14 year old guy uncomfortable.

Dr.D said...

Disgusting! The work of the devil, brought right into an LCMS church. Ugh!
-- Fr. D
Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

In the words of legendary coach Lombardi: "What the hell is going on out here!"

Janis Williams said...

If this had been a professional group on some TV program, they would've been WAY better. Timing and placement weren't that well rehearsed. The technology was good, but do we need flashing iPad screens that can all be synced to form a larger image? Do we need ANY of this to get us in the "Christmas spirit?"

How sad that even in the LCMS Christ is taking a back seat to entertainment. C.G. Finney would be proud at all the "new measures" taken to ensure the faithful remain so, and the lost are emotionally stimulated to the point of conversion?

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that this was primarily paid advertising by Softtech. If you made it thru to the end you noticed the sponsor plug.

Christopher Esget said...

I think I've finally found my niche in the Missouri Synod: find odd and weird items to post. No need even for commentary - they speak for themselves!

For a real kick, come to Esgetology and check out the "Glory Cloud" video!

Anonymous said...

The cheapest iPad costs $500. Count the number of iPads used for this performance! Why play secular songs in church? Is a light show really needed? Why bother with the LCMS if the non-denominational church will always do church entertainment better?

Screens in church do not bother me -- Just as long as they display words or static pictures. College professors use screens for PowerPoint presentations as tools to educate with great success. Church services are no longer about worship and morph into entertainment as soon as video is introduced. Not for my glory, but for Yours, o Lord.

Let me guess: This congregation is lauded as a model church that all other congregations in the Texas District hould emulate.

Why does the theology of district presidents differ radically from that of the average LCMS pewsitter?

Christopher Esget: Make sure you share your findings with Chris Rosborough (Fighting for the Faith). Thanks!


Cafeteria Lutheran

Anonymous said...

Senior pastor of this church is Wayne Graumann.

Has been chairman of Board of Regents - Ft. Wayne seminary.

Pastor J. Sollberger said...

There's no bad theology in this - because ther was no theolgy at all. How can anyone - of ANY theological bent - think that THIS is "church", or "worship"? What the hell was the point?

Entertainment, that's all. And I can get get way better entertainment other places. Let Church be Church, and go buy tickets tickets to the Teans-Siberian Orchestra, or Clapton, or whatever...

Anonymous said...

The pastor of this show is the chairman of Ft.Wayne regents? You must be kidding me. What a joke.

Unknown said...

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