Monday, January 16, 2012

When flying Air Tran -- Give Me Jesus!

Turns out that an Air Tran jet was awaiting routine maintenance before take off and the seats were populated in part by members of the Wesleyan University Chorale.  Seemed a great opportunity for the Chorale to do its stuff and that is exactly what they did -- they filled up the empty moments with a great spiritual, setting by Lutheran Larry Fleming.  "Give Me Jesus" is not only a fine selection, well done within the limited acoustical environment of a jet, but, the appropriate prayer of anyone flying on Air Tran. 

Go into a narrow room with your lap top, think of expensive drinks, bad food, cheap snacks, a narrow seat shoehorned in between other narrow seats, miniscule rest rooms with blue water you should not drink, and close your eyes and listen... it is like being there!

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