Sunday, May 12, 2013

Give the gift of life... literally!

From a blog:

I’ve been travelling a lot recently and in Anchorage (American Bar Association Family Law Section Meeting) I was on a panel with a doctor who does fertility work in southern California. He mentioned that it was now possible to give a gift certificate that allowed the recipient to have her own eggs frozen. It turns out to be a popular gift from parents to their daughters who are graduating from law school.

The idea here is that the eggs can be harvested when the daughter is young and in her (reproductive) prime and then they can be safely stored away until after she finds Mr. (or maybe Ms?) Right and/or gets her career up and running. It’s a way of stopping–at least for a while–the biological clock. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology and the generosity of her parents, the daughter has a choice.   Freezing her eggs lets her have it all.

HT to First Thoughts for the pick up as well...

Ahhh... nothing says love like a free sperm back donation and storage gift certificate for the guy and an egg harvest and storage gift certificate for the girl!  Thanks to the wonders of technology, indeed!  We have come so far down the road of separating sex from marriage, children from marriage, and now we have completed the circle and separated sex from children.  Why bother with a messy thing like a spouse or marriage?  Why interrupt your life or compromise the goals of success, achievement, and career you have set for yourself?  No, we will intentionally become like Sarah, without child while young and saving the baby for when we are old and have finished the bucket list except for this one small item.  Except Sarah and Abraham were a special case for a special purpose.  This promises to become routine for those who can wait for kids but cannot wait for career advancement, freedom to live as they choose, and the right person and marriage...  In other words, children are like an IRA.  You put a little something away for that time in your life when you might need it...  Ahhhh, that is true love.  Thanks, mom.  Thanks, dad.  Thanks, gram.  Thanks, gramp.  You really know how to give a guy/girl what they need!

BTW... Happy Mother's Day!

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