Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Picture Your Pastor...

As one who has received a ream's worth of paper from kids in the pews, this one is the first to win a prize.  Normally I get somewhat generic religious pictures.  Often I get pictures of me.  Some of them are regular theological tomes, with detailed imagery expressing rather sophisticated understandings of what happens here on a Sunday morning.

Our Concordia Seminary in St. Louis sponsored a national contest.

Picture Your Pastor text

The Picture-Your-Pastor Contest asked kids to let us know what makes their pastor wonderful —in their own drawings and words. We received hundreds and hundreds of entries from all over the country.
Winners have been posted online below categorized by grade level K-8.

Five young artists from each grade (45 in total) have been selected for special recognition and prizes.
Prizes will be distributed via mail soon as well as a prize for the pastor(s).  If you have a great pastor… let him know how you’ve been blessed by his ministry.  And praise God!

Access all the pix here.

So, from my congregation, Colton won!  And here is his winning picture of moi.  Thanks, Colton.  I pray I live up to your imagery (BTW don't I look young!!).


Anonymous said...

Colton gets it!

Janis Williams said...

If only the adults understood so well. Out of the mouth of babes (and young men)...