Saturday, August 24, 2013

Whatever happened to the C of E?

I prefer the wedding scenes from Four Weddings and A Funeral to this.... what about you?

I am much in sympathy with the two older ladies who got up and walked out... tis what I would have done!


Dr.D said...

Wasn't that absolutely vile? The first time I saw this, a few weeks ago, I was utterly repulsed.

How about that "priestess" wriggle - in vestments, no less?

I have fought this battle on another web site, and gotten beat over the head for criticizing it. I made a similar comment about the two old ladies, only to be told that they are relatives of the bride, and were on the way for a necessary visit to the Ladies Room.

I think you have a few facts in error, however. From what I understand, this was the Church of New Zealand, and they are pretty wacko down there. (Some years ago, they re-wrote the Lord's Prayer in an utterly unrecognizable form.) Also, this wedding was mostly a fraud, just an occasion for a party. The couple have been living together for quite some time, I am told.

I was also given to understand that this woman priest (even though such a thing cannot truly exist) is a wonderful pastor and is much loved by her people. I think she has a coven instead of a parish.

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

Why do the older folks indulge this crap by remaining in and financially supporting it as well as showing up and legitimizing it with their presence?

What is the point of going to such a sham wedding. That was a very old bride and had all of her assets displayed in the front window. No modesty, no decorum, no shame whatever was evidenced.

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jenny sollberger said...

I found it ironic that the last thing you hear the "pastor" say is, "Let us pray."

My thought was, "Yeah, you better. Praying for forgiveness might be a good place to start."


Anonymous said...

Do they do funerals in the same fashion?