Friday, October 25, 2013

A treasure for the eye. . .

Here is a great interview with an iconographer by the name of Evgeny Baranov.  You can read it in the Orthodox Arts Journal.  There is also a display of his art in the same journal but another issue.

He specializes in miniatures.  They are unbelievable and breathtaking.  His story is also compelling:

Then a very remarkable change happened in my life: I was baptized. I became the only Orthodox Christian among all of my relatives, including even my grandmother, who was religious, but Lutheran, not Orthodox. I started attending church, fasting and collecting rare books related to Orthodox art. Then one day I came upon an album of excellent quality reproductions, and it was the collection of works of Archimandrite Zeno. The art of Orthodox icon was revealed to me in all its beauty and grandeur, once and for all I lost interest in any of other arts.  Icons have given me both spiritual fulfillment, and an enormous aesthetic pleasure. I knew what I wanted to do next. I wanted to draw icons, but smaller… and on enamel.

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Dr.D said...

There is no question but that this person does excellent work. He has a gift, and he has chosen to use it for the glory of God. That is praiseworthy.

I have mixed feeling, personally, with regard to ikon. They do not give me the spiritual connection that they apparently do for some folks. Any thing that truly connects us to the Father, and to His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, is good.