Saturday, October 12, 2013

Muslim March Over Europe -- repeat from the time of Luther?

Unchangeable future?  Or the future that might be if we allow it?  You tell me. . .


Dr.D said...

The statisticians look only at the numbers, but they (necessarily) leave God out of their considerations.

I think that we live in a time when God is cleansing His Church. I expect to see Christianity shrink (although not too much in the few years I have left). I have not doubt, however that He will preserve a remnant, a solid, faithful, core, that will once again rise up to spread the Gospel message of salvation.

All of western society is built on the foundation of Christianity. Without Christianity, the world returns to barbarism. That is precisely where izlam is, an where it will take us, if allowed to do so. just look at the muzzie countries for the evidence. Are any of them civilized? Not really!! They are all stinking cess pits, ruled by despots.

In this time, we as Christians, are called to be faithful more than ever. We must continue to do the work given to us by the Lord, and let Him take care of the details. If we think that "we can handle the problem," we will surely fail. Only our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, can deal with this, but He cannot fail!

Fr. D+
Anglican Priest

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised? Western governments make it prohibitively expensive for most married couples to have more than two kids. For example, try sending more than two kids to college. Meanwhile, Muslims do not believe in birth control and often marry up to four wives.

European, American, and Canadian leaders should demand that Muslim countries allow the immigration of Christians, as well as guarantee absolute freedom of religion. But we know that this will never happen.

Ever been to Germany? That country is overbuilt and overcrowded. If the German economy shrinks, then there would be fewer applicants for the dwindling number of job openings. A gradual, peaceful reduction of population across the Western world is therefore not a bad thing.

Can anyone answer why the European, American, and Canadian leaders would allow Muslims to flood their countries? There are not enough jobs for the natives, and yet the leaders want to import millions of poor, unskilled, illiterate Muslims. There has never been a democratic, Muslim state anywhere in the world.

Will there be any Christians left in Europe 100 years from now? Why does Jesus allow the Muslims to multiply and to prosper at the expense of His followers? Doing so would profane His holy name. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

European leaders are either stupid, occultists, or both. The British are well aware of their country being overrun by Muslims: