Monday, January 22, 2018

March for Life

Although the media seems determined to either minimize coverage of or simply ignore the annual pro-life march in Washington, DC, here is a video to acknowledge the awesome size of the march and to honor its witness for the sanctity of life.

Here is President Trump's message to the nearly 500k marchers:


Carl Vehse said...

Pro-life organizations also need to advocate, support, and demand Nuremberg-style trials for justice against the tens of thousands of pro-abortion leaders on charges of genocidal murder, crimes against humanity, and treason. If justice is not part of the pro-life efforts, pro-life organizations obliterate their own moral claim to being opposed to murder-by-abortion, and reduce their pro-life preference to an equivalent one of chosing appropriate-colored socks to put on. If abortion is wrong because it is murder - and it is, on a genocidal scale - rather than wearing the wrong color of socks, then a pro-life position must truly be a decision and a demand for justice.

Cliff said...

As a Canadian visiting in warmer climes, it is encouraging to see your administration so solidly behind the pro-Life movement.
Please keep up the good work and may God Bless America!

John Joseph Flanagan said...

The reality is that one political party, the Democratic Party, continues to advance a pro-abortion playform year after year. If you look for pro-life candidates to support the pro-life cause, one will find conservatives and Republicans only. For this reason, I personally will forfeit my vote in any election before supporting a candidate who supports abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Carl Vehse said...

"... year after year."

More like "... decade after decade."