Thursday, February 15, 2018

The question asked was first planted. . .

So, a new study ULCA study has concluded that some 27 percent of California youth between 12 and 17 say that their peers have judged them gender ‘nonconforming” at school. The margin of error is said to be about 6 persent and, the study reached its conclusions on the basis of two questions in the California Health Interview Survey asked of 1,594 California youth between 12 and 17.

They were asked  “Are you male or female?” and then asked how people around them at school would describe them (five choices instead of simply male or female).  "The data show that more than one in four California youth express their gender in ways that go against the dominant stereotypes,” said the study’s lead author Bianca D.M. Wilson of the Williams Institute. “However, the heightened psychological distress we see among gender nonconforming youth indicates that we must continue to educate parents, schools and communities on the mental health needs of these young people and reduce known risk factors, such as bullying and bias.”

Okay.  Should it surprise you to note that California was the first state to adopt the LGBT rights agenda formally into its public schools, reaching children as young as second grade.  Aha!  In other words, before the question was asked of the youth, a question was planted into their minds about their level of gender "comfort" by a curriculum designed to do just that.

The whole point of the GLBTQ agenda is to raise questions about gender so that people, especially children, will begin to ask themselves about their gender.  The sad state of affairs in all of this is that by raising questions we literally steal away these children's youth and make them into little adults complete with adult size inadequacies.  And this is supposedly progress?!?


Carl Vehse said...

There needs to be a poll in the U.S. on whether Commiefornia should be dealt with as a state or as a very large clogged toilet.

Anonymous said...

It’s so bad in San Francisco people are swimming to Alcatraz to escape. Speaking of San Francisco, if you’re planning a trip, be sure to watch where you step.