Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hollywood reforms. . .

Soooooo. . . Hollywood, pressed by the #MeTo movement, has decided to put new rules in place for simulated sex scenes in movies, etc. I am sure you are breathing a sigh of relief that rules are now in place, right? We can all be happy that "extra underwear can be digitally removed during editing (if you agree). Ahhh, nudity without actually having nudity. Now that IS an improvement. Digital nudity. Yes, that is exactly what we need.

 What is the proposed new simulated sex scene guidance
  • Actors should rehearse kissing scenes by "giving each other a peck" at first
  • "No use of tongues" unless the director and both actors agreed in advance
  • "No saliva mixing as it is abusive"
  • "No nudity with genitals touching (always use patches or modesty barrier)"
  • Producers should employ an "intimacy director" to protect actors on set
  • Actors should be told in advance if they need to strip for an audition and may bring a "support person" along
My problem?  I am a prude, of course.  No, really, I must be.  I cannot see why nudity and sex scenes are artistically required in nearly every movie made and hinted at in nearly every TV show and most commercials.  I cannot see how these things are essential when it is apparent that good writing and good acting are NOT essential.  How many movies are eminently forgettable because of the poor acting or poor writing?  Yet, even in those movies, sex is a prerequisite of any formula for a good movies.  Is this because we demand it or is this because this is presumed to be what we, the movie goers and TV viewers, demand?  Or, does it matter?  Since it seems we are not objecting to this content nearly as much as some actors are now objecting to the scenes, it must be that we, too, expect that any decent movie or TV show will include indecent acts or words.  Please tell me I am wrong?!?!


John Joseph Flanagan said...

The reasons movies evolved to exploit sexuality is simply because Hollywood is the epicenter, along with the liberal universities, of a view of life which applauds no rules.....except the selective values they want to promote. That is why today there are few movies or TV shows any serious Christian should view. Of course, we are not prudish or inhibited sexually, but we prefer some taste and wholesomeness in entertainment. Good acting has been placed behind gratuitous violence and sexuality. Consider also that the morals of Hollywood, and the widespread use of drugs, along with the advancement of homosexuality....combined together in a pool of sewage. We should view Hollywood as Sodom and Gomorrah. We should remember that Lot moved his family into these wicked cities, while Abraham kept away. We need to imitate Abraham, not Lot.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Film Producers in recent decades have pushed the limits
of decency in order to see what they can get away with. Nudity is
now the norm on Cable TV programs produced by HBO and others. If
the viewing public turned off these sex exploitation programs, then
the audience would not be there.

Anonymous said...

I echo what everyone else is saying: "Good acting has been placed behind gratuitous violence and sexuality." So much of it is now "in your face" blatant pro-gay, anti-Christian, anti-family propaganda. The methods to promote an agenda used to be suggestive and subtle, but no longer. People are starting to notice and they are turning off the TV.

As most kids waste time on social media and on video games, there is no time left to sit in front of a TV screen to watch movies and tv shows. Movie studio executives have lost the 18-34 year old demographic. Oops.

Movies and cable TV are also becoming too expensive. This is causing people to become more selective about what they watch:

When "cord cutting" people have to pay à la carte to stream each channel and program, they are more selective about what they watch.

As an afterthought, the dissolution of Worldview Everlasting saddens me. Fisk brought a lot of Lutheran converts from Evangelicalism through his YouTube channel. If not through slick video podcasts, how else can Evangelicals discover the LCMS?

Anonymous said...

It is a means to an end. That is the only rule that liberals adhere to. And the end in view is the destruction of Western Civilization (and Christianity since Western Civilization is a by product of Christianity).

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I think a lot of Hollywood acting is the carrying out of a whole lot of mainstream "dreams".

Cliff said...

Hollywood is a cesspool and shares in violence that permeates society. It is not the guns that are dangerous, it is the ideas put forth by
Movies and video games.