Wednesday, September 28, 2011


University Lutheran Chapel will have to leave its home for, what, 60 years, now that the District has executed a sale order with a company that will turn the property into upscale loft housing.  Fortunately, the District will give the Campus Ministry a whopping $35K to find a new home on or near or perhaps in North Dakota in which they may continue reaching out to the students at the University of Minnesota.  Pardon my sarcasm but it just plain stinks.  It might have been one thing if the ministry were failing and the building unused but that is not the case... SHAME on you MNS..... SHAME on you..... Though it will be too late for ULC, now is the time for the good people of MNS to make a change in leadership from the DP to the Treasurer to the BoD.... Sold down the river for a pot of lentils... by your brothers and sisters in Christ...


Anonymous said...

With all the requests from interested parties to refer this to the district convention, along with the clear expression of concern and outrage form the greater church, I have to wonder if this was about the money after all. It looks like a desire to scuttle the ship (ULC)and not much more.

Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

The President of The LCMS had asked to meet with the MN South BOD before they made any further decisions. It would appear they just gave the Synodical president the finger.

Anonymous said...

So much for Witness, Mercy, Life Together. This is a real snub at President Harrison's administration and Confessional Lutheranism. The beat goes on in the LCMS.

Rev. John Frahm said...

We need to think a little harder about what sort of pastors we elect to these positions.

Terry Maher said...

Yes, it just plain stinks and is getting stinkier with each new development.

Maybe there's a bright side (sarcasm alert)-- those who will gain upscale loft housing thereby will be so grateful for the benefit given them in their dire lack that they will wonder who such great benefactors might be and join, overwhelmed with our Christian example of ministry to those in need.

Anonymous said...

Lacks the appearance of propriety.

Anonymous said...

As much as President Harrison is well
respected, he probably would not want
to set a precedent by intervening
in the financial decisions of
individual districts. This matter
must be resolved by all the parishes
of the Minnesota South District which
are basically rural except for the
Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.
and suburbs. The rural parishes are
very independent minded but out number the urban parishes. Having
spent 5 years in Minnesota South
I do not foresee an huge uproar from the district parishes as a

Pastor Matt Rusert said...

Now that Sietz has terminated an actual Lutheran presence near the U. He has announced his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Attention Pastor Matt Rusert

Where has it been documented that
Rev. Lane Seitz has retired as
District President of Minnesota
South District?