Friday, September 30, 2011

Making the world safe for Islam

The man you see to the left is a Christian Pastor in Iran.  He is also under sentence of death.  Not because he is a criminal.  Only because he is a Christian.  He was never a practicing Muslim.  He did not really convert from Islam.  Apparently that does not matter.  Iran's religious rulers use the nation's court system to enforce their sharia law.  Christianity does not fit their idea of Iran.  So this Christian Pastor is not only a criminal for being Christian but is being used as an example to those who may  be tempted by the Gospel and to those who are not practicing Muslims.  Scarey, isn't it.  But true.

You can read all about it here.  The report is from Terry Mattingly.  I will not reproduce it all here but I encourage you to read it.  And then to ask yourself, Where is the outrage????  We got all excited about a couple of Americans hiking too close and imprisoned in Iran.  And rightfully so.  But where is the media, where is the outrage, where is the protest against the treatment of this man and his faith.  God forbid that any of us might be subject to such persecution and threat of death.  But.... would that we stood as firm and unwavering in the face of this threat!  Look into the faces of his two boys and his wife.... what lies ahead for them?  I urge you to write to our government and use every means to appeal to Iran to reconsider its verdict of death.  Apparently the religious leaders of Iran see the Gospel as a real and credible threat.  And they should.  But let us not remain silent about this man and the principle of religious tolerance.  Christians in America are accused of homophobia, Islamaphobia, and all sorts of things by those who cry out from the left.  Where are those voices in support of this man, this family, and this cause????

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James said...

The media has recently brought this story to the public. I read articles on FOX and CNN about this Christian pastor in Iran. Likewise, the White House released a statement today condemning the Iranian government for it's abuse of this man's right to religious freedom. I was surprised but quite pleased with the coverage and White House response.

May God have mercy on this faithful pastor.