Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Makes the heart glad...

David defeated Goliath, again, last week in Romania’s capital city when an appeals court issued a final ruling in favor of a humble cathedral pitted against a gigantic steel office tower, concluding a seven-year legal and political struggle.

In an unprecedented, definitive decision, the court ordered a 19-story skyscraper demolished and the land restored to its prior condition — a small, city park.

Concurring with several lower court decisions, the judge concluded that the office tower, known as Cathedral Plaza, was illegally constructed without proper permits or authorizations in a brazen gesture that threatened the cathedral’s physical security while limiting the ability of citizens to exercise religious freedom.
“Many people thought the power of money was enough to defeat the power of ideals, the power of law, the power of truth and justice, and primarily, the power of God,” declared Archbishop Ioan Robu, 68, at a Jan. 25 press conference in Bucharest.


Janis Williams said...

And I have 'former friends' there who likely would rather see the cathedral demolished, since it is Catholic.

Anonymous said...

The amount of corruption in the Post-Communist countries is breathtaking.

Janis: The animosity of Eastern Orthodox parishioners towards Rome is intriguing for those of us who do not belong to either church.