Wednesday, August 21, 2019

More with less. . .

There was a day when the headquarters of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod was filled with people working.  Now the numbers have shrunk and there are very few people on our payroll but they are doing profound work,  In numbers not of hundreds but dozens, we enjoy the rich fruits of their labors on behalf of national mission, international mission, church relations, and a host of other particular tasks, the work of the Church is being laudably handled by very few hands.  Part of it is due to the fact that the bureaucracy is something we can no longer afford and part of it is that all the layers have proven to be rather inefficient.  But the false idea persists that Synod has a huge overhead of people and expenses.  I am sad that there are those who are so set against the work of those within the IC that they perpetuate this lie out of animosity toward those who lead us or out of cynicism about the work they do on our behalf.

I have the highest respect for those who work there.  They work tirelessly on our behalf.  Their work load is shocking and yet these faithful folks are good, decent, and devoted.  We are ever in their debt for the way they accomplish their tasks for the 6000+ congregations of our Synod.  And they are one face of the many whose service beyond our borders brings the Gospel to places where the Word of the Lord has not yet been heard, strengthens fledgling congregations, mission stations, and partner churches, and teaches those who will become the pastors and church workers to their own people.  The story of mission we celebrated last month at the LCMS Convention is an amazing story of diligence, devotion, and duty under extreme conditions and in the face of an untold odds.  It is a history our people deserve to know -- not for our glory but so that they can rejoice over the sinners who repent like the angels do above.  Our Church will not be able to take the first steps into our future without the acknowledgement of the many fruits of this mission story and this witness to the Gospel is told.  So I urge those who heard it to use the many fine materials available and tell the story within their circuits, congregations, and districts.  We have real heroes and saints among us through whom we see the promise of God fulfilled in places where hope is wanting.  The joy of the Lord that flows from the work of the Lord is greatly need among a people who seem to hear only bad news and who are gravely tempted to believe that God is stymied in His work.  It is still the Lord's work and the Lord's Church.  I rejoice in this especially through the faithful work of those within our national headquarters and our leaders.

May the Lord of the Church bless the work of the Church for His purpose -- near and far!!!

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Janis Williams said...

Funny how we complain about the scarcity of clerks at stores where we cannot get assistance, yet think the budget for what goes on at the International Center is supporting a lot of fluff.