Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Toons with an agenda. . .

Cartoons have never been exactly neutral.  They were also vehicles to promote positive virtues.  From patriotism to responsibility to persistence, cartoons encouraged the children watching to certain points of view.  We all know that.  But seldom were cartoons tools of anything but a mainstream agenda.  In other words, cartoons typically played it safe in the middle.  Middle class, middle of the road politics, and middle American values -- these were the points of view promoted to our kids.

Now, apparently, same sex marriage has become part of the middle.  It is a sure thing that when something becomes the subject of a cartoon, the writers and animators have confidence that they are treading on safe ground.  So when a children’s cartoon series featured a homosexual "wedding" for its season premiere episode earlier this year, it was promoting something it viewed as ordinary and safe.

“Arthur” is the longest-running animated series for children in the USA.  It began its 22md season with the marriage of Arthur the Aardvark’s teacher Mr. Ratburn to another man.   When Arthur and his classmates discover their teacher is getting married, they are curious as to whom the bride might be.  At the ceremony, they discover that Mr. Ratburn is walking down the aisle with another male aardvark named Patrick.

A month or so ago I wrote a piece here entitled Do you remember? Some criticized it as a mere nostalgia piece -- an old geezer lamenting the passing of the good old days.  I guess I did not explain myself very well.  What I was writing about was the fact that it will not take very long and no one will remember when there was no legal abortion or same sex marriage or gender fluidity.  This is not nostalgia but the stark reminder that all around them parents face forces and media promoting a particular point of view -- one in vogue today but clearly in opposition to orthodox Christianity.  Parents never did have the luxury of being supported in their faith by culture or media but there was a time when these did not directly contradict the faith in such an unmistakable manner.  Today parents can count on no support for teaching their Christian values or witnessing their Christian faith to their children.

Even worse, parents have to be vigilant because even ordinary things like cartoons are being used to mainstream what, less than a generation ago, was radical.  Such is the speed at which culture and media embrace what were fringes only moments ago and make them normal, ordinary, and routine.  It is not just that a children's animated cartoon series features a same sex marriage but that it takes any position whatsoever on something that remains at best divisive and at worst a major issue for the third of more of Americans who attend churches that remain orthodox on this subject.  Children are being groomed to accept such things as normal no matter how controversial they might be and this is something parents must be made aware of -- sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

When marijuana was illegal, it was easy to tell kids to stay away from that stuff. Don't do it. It is illegal. You could be caught and thrown in jail. It may also tempt you do do bad things.

However, what happens when it is decriminalized in your state? How do you as a confessional Lutheran pastor explain to kids that while doing drugs may be legal, it is not something that they should be embrace.

What does the LCMS say about Christians seeking a (now legal) altered state of mind and the potential consequences for doing so?

Carl Vehse said...

If a Lutheran pastor and his congregation are unwilling to excommunicate publicly-professed and unrepentant Demonicrats, don't expect the church youth to avoid the perverted, murderous, and wicked lifestyles of those Demonicrats.

Anonymous said...

And yet another idiotic observation by Carl Vehse, who pollutes this blog site with his near-maniacal obsessions.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who insults Carl at every opportunity, your personal comments about him are not helpful.

Yes Carl, it is true that Hillary and Obama's people have worked hard to make the social justice warrior agenda not only legal, but "cool."

Let us recall the 1990s. Who back then would have ever thought that in the 21st century West, it would be more socially acceptable to "come out" publicly as gay than to confess publicly that you are a Christian - especially as a confessional Lutheran Christian.

How do we survive and hopefully thrive as confessional Lutherans when it is we who are, increasingly, publicly shamed for holding on to, in their view "outdated and hateful" traditional Christian beliefs?

I had hoped that maybe the LCMS could incorporate a "What is legal is not necessarily moral" section into confirmation and new member classes.

Carl Vehse said...

I ddn't mention any of the traitorous leaders of the Demonicrat party, but instead referred to those members of Lutheran congregations who are "publicly-professed and unrepentant Demonicrats," supporting and aiding their party's efforts for illegal aliens (a violation of the 4th Commandment), murder-by-abortion (a violation of the 5th commandment), the perversion of queer "marriages" (a violation of the 6th commandment), socialism (a violation of the 7th, 9th and 10th commandment, and accusing President Trump of Russian collusion (a violation of the 8th Commandment).

And in going back to the 1990s, one passes 2003, when the Missouri Synod gave a glowing eulogy to former Senator Paul Simon, a Demonicrat who supported abortion and queer "marriages." For shame!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl, or Richard, or whatever. Why not ease up a bit just for today, and take your wife out to lunch, your grandchildren to the park. Or meet some of your friends from church for coffee. Do something other than spew your vitriol on this otherwise pleasant blog site. But, it seems you have no life other than constantly grumbling while typing out your made up words or watching Fox News while adjusting your well worn red hat. Oh my, its time to look out the window and yell, "Hey, you kids, get off my lawn!"

Carl Vehse said...

On more humorous note, though some Anonymouses might still whine and complain), this week the ALPB Forum is reporting on the XXXA's Churchwide Assembly sessions. In at least one of the reports, some of the speakers identified themselves by name as well, parenthetically, with the speaker's agenda-based pronouns with which others are presumably peer-pressured to use in reference to the speaker. It's not known if the XXXA has an official list of recognized pronouns such as this list.

It would not be surprising if the XXXA and other leftist groups soon provide an agenda-based list of preferred verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives to be used in any discussions with those groups. Of course, for decades the leftist media has used their agenda-based phrases that identify, for example, "Pro-Life" groups as "Anti-Choice," "traditional marriage" groups as "homophobic," and "illegal aliens" as "undocumented immigrants."